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My Bungee Jumping

The first was in Copenhagen in the summer of '92 when a friend and I went interrailing. It was a simple choice between doing the jump or eating for a few days (there really was no choice). After the jump we caught the train upto Narvik in the Arctic circle in Norway and on the 36 hours train journeyt all the way up we just couldn't help sitting there will silly grins on our faces just saying "It's amazing isn't it!?"

After that I worked with North West Bungee and managed to get a few free jumps under my belt. I stopped working for them in the Christmas of '92.

My big Bungee comeback was at Easter '96. I did the biggest in Europe and it was superb. Since then I've jumped at A J Hacketts site in Normandie France and while I was living in Boston MA, I jumped a lot with Stealth Air Bungee. Now I live in California I'ver hardly had time to jump, I did have an awesome trip with Bungee Experience.

You can read more and see some pictures of the following jumps.