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Jumping with Stealth Air Bungee

This was my first jump in the US and the system here is quite different than what I was used to Europe. The ropes used by Stealth Air were supplied by Primal Instinct Bungee and are (I believe) the same as the cords used by Bungee Adventures(who are owned by the Kockelman brothers). The cord consists of three or four thinner cords and has much more redundancy built into it than the Euro cords I had used before. Each cord is shrouded by a static sleeve which will take the strain if the rubber fails. Coupled along with the fact you have 3 or 4 separate cords this is a much safer setup.

All the equipment used was of good quality and well maintained. The setup involved hauling the jumpers back up after they had jumped, which was a great arrangement as it gave the other jumpers something to do while they were waiting. Mike, the jumpmaster, kept control of the site very well and made sure that everything was double checked.

I did three jumps that night and will be jumping with them again as soon as possible. I didn't like the cords as much as the Euro ones as there was not as smooth a deceleration as I was used to. Being able to jump 3 times consecutively without having to re-harness was great.

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