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Bungee Disasters!!!!!

O.K. I think we should all admit that there are sometimes accidents in high risk sports. A well trained and reputable club will endeavour to keep the risks as low as possible. But everyone seems to be fascinated with Bungee accidents and since I am not currently affiliated to any club etc. I'd like to document them here. All the accidents I have documented here I believe have been caused by human error. Hopefully this page will allow you to try and spot safe clubs and not to jump if you are uncertain about the practices of a club. Alternatively you could just read on to satisfy your blood desire!

Most of the reports provided below were acquired by word of mouth and of course there could be a certain amount of folk lore here too! Read with extreme cynicism. No offence is intended and certainly no liable. If you find any of these stories unsettling or offending then mail me. If you know any more stories or more facts about the stories here then just get in touch.

This section has been split into 3 sections.

If you have any more gory Bungee stories or corrections to these stories, I'd love to hear them.