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Great Canadian Bungee

What bedtter way to spend July 4th 1999 than in Canada (Well if you're british at least the 4th of July is not the easiest of US holidays to celebrate :-)

We drove up all the way from Boston just for the weekend and the guys there treated us really well.

The location is a beautiful flooded old quarry. The water in the quarry is 200 ft deep and the crane also sits 200 ft above the water hanging out from the highest quarry wall. The water is crystal clear and there's even an old airplane submerged that scuba divers can explore. This is by far the most scenic place I have ever jumped.

My First jump was so smooth (after jumping on US MilSpec cords for my last few jumps, the pure rubber euro style cords were a much smoother ride) and they even accurately measured a water touchdown for me upto my waist. After the jump a small inflatable boat comes and picks you up as you are lowered down.

I managed to get some great shots taken with an SLR camera on a tripod with a remote shutter release taped to my arm.

If you ever get the chance I highly recommend jumping here. You can check out their site at Bungee.ca.

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