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Jumping with Hackett

One of my favorite jumps was at the A J Hackett site in Normandie France. They have an excellent setup on the foundations of a converted viaduct. The walk out to the jump platform is just like walking accross one of those dodgy rope bridges you see in Indiana Jones and gave me the heebie jeebies big time. I had to jump didn't I - there was no way I was walking back over that thing!

They use a rather strange counterbalanced mechanism for lowering you down, which seemed safe enough and of course they used their own ankle harness system consisting of a towel and a climbing sling! I felt very safe, but missed the free leg feeling as they were strapped tightly together.

I was really pleased with the jump, I got a nice twist as I left the platform (see photo) and the water touchdown was just to my wrists. As they were lowering me down, they knew I wanted to get wet and so completely ducked me unto my shins (head first), it was quite a shock.

My twisty jump

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