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What do I mean by equipment

By bungee equipment I primarily mean the actual cord, but of course there is much more such as the harnesses and even the crane cages. most of the other equipment can be got from climbing stores although it is of major importance that the best quality gear is used as it will be under more stress than it would be under normal use (unless you're a really bad climber and doing over 50 falls a day on your carrabiners)

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This is a subject which worries me a little as I do not want to help people who are not qualified or had the experience to get hold of bungee equipment and have accidents and bring the sport a bad name.

However if anyone knows of a responsible company who supplies bungee equipment I would be most interested to hear about it as I get a lot of mail asking me where to get equipment and I simply do not know.

Just because I include a companies name here does not mean I endorse them in any way. I am just trying to spread the word (so to speak)

If you want equipment...

If you want equipment then you should check out my page on setting up a club