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What's new at Bungee Zone

Here I will document major changes/additions to the site.

Jun 25th 2002 Liquid Bungee Team pics
Bungee Video & pics
Adrenalin pics
Bungee Factory pics
May 2nd 2002 Bridge Attchment Failed? Bungee Accident
March 26th 2002Fixed all dead links on entire site!
Checked site into CVS so that I have version control!
March 25th 2002Removed all the dead links on the links page (finally)
March 21st 2002Fleshed out Types of Jumps (Still a little more to do)
March 20th 2002Added Amazon Begging box to every single stinking page :)
March 19th 2002Added Google Search to main page
Lots More Josh Photos
Colin's Broken Ankle
Removed Adventure World and Bear Mountain
March 18th 2002Added this What's New page :)
BungeEmotion gallery page
Quick Release Bungee Accident
No Backup = PAIN Bungee Accident
Riverbed Touchdown Bungee Accident
Heli Bungee Photos
New Jurjen photo
Added JestiX Bungee Jumping
Colin Heacock's photos
1998jump.com sold for beaucoup $, frantic relocation to BungeeZone.com
1996Relocated site to http://bungee.jump.com/
1994First Bungee webpage put up with club listings from Bersa