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Bungee clubs no more....

I removed these from the bungee listings because they probably went out of business. They're still here because I don't want to put them in again.

Address:Waterplace Park, Providence, Rhode Island
Type: Tower (160ft)
Comments: This was the tower installed for the ESPN eXtreme Games in late June/early July 1995. Not sure if this is still there.

Company: Oakwood Lake Resort waterpark
Address: Now Oakwood Lake Bungee Tower, 874 East Woodward Ave. Manteca, CA 95337
Type: Tower (75 feet)
Price: $5 with Wristband or $10 without
Comments: Tower is 75 feet high and it also supports California's highest waterslide. Videotapes of the jumps are available for $8 (1person) $10 (2 people) $12 (3 people)...A microphone is at the top to capture all the dialogue. George von Rautenkranz, Videographer.
Date: Apr 97 (GVR@webtv.net)

Company: UK Bungee Limited
Address: 57 Newhill Rd., Monk Bretton, Barnsley, S. Yorkshire, ST1 1XH
Type: Crane (150ft)
Cost: £39.50
Removed: Moved to leeds

Company: Adventure World
Address: Interlaken, Switzerland
Website: http://www.adventureworld.ch/
Type: 180m & 100m
Cost: SF220 for 180m & SF100 for 100m
Comments: they claim this is the world's highest (commercial) jump.
Removed: Shut down after an accident
Date: 1997 from above address

Company: Bear Mountain Ski Resort
Address: Big Bear, California.
Type: Bridge (130ft)
Comments: It's only open from Thanksgiving through Easter; in the summer, the crew takes it down and tours State Fairs and other events across the country. BUMMER!
Removed: No longer offer jumping
Date: July 1995

Company: A J Hackett
Address: US Kissimmee (near Orlando), Florida.
Cost: $59 First (free T-shirt) $29 for 2nd & 3rd 4th is free
Comments: Usually open until 9 PM, except Saturdays until midnight.
The jump is 180 ft. Video available for $19.95 (prices from Vegas site)
Comments: Apparantly it is illegal to bungee jump over 75 feet in Florida.
Date: July 1995

Company: Vertigo Bungee
Address: Tahoe City, California
Comments: Moved to Washington

Company: Bungee Adventures
Address: 2218 Old Middlefield Way Suite G, Mountain View, California 94043
Type: Hot Air Balloon (+150ft)
Comments: Only do TV stunts now.
Date: August 1995

Company: Bungee Express
Address: Valencia, Pennsylvania
Comments: No longer in business.
Date: 92 (from David Domenech Foix ANSE secretary)
Removed due to info from dlogan9200@aol.com 24th March 96

Company: Euro Bungee
Address: 7 Berrington Rd.,Sidenham Inustrial Estate, Leamington Spa, CV31 1NB.

Company: A J Hackett
Address: Utah
Comments: AJ Hackett does not have a site in Utah. They used to have one but that was a long time ago, from Josh

Company: Bungy Zone Adventures (HK) Ltd.
Address: Kowloon, New Territories, Hong Kong
Website: under construction / Avail. 3rd week in April
Type: Tower (52 Metres)
Cost: HK$ 888.00 or US$ 115.00
Comments: Price includes one jump, one T-shirt,one Video and one 8x10 colour photo. Site in Hong Kong opens approx. first week in June, 1997.
Currently negotiating sites in Shanghai and Fujian, China. Looking to open both sites in China approx. late July,97.
From: Above Address - Apr 97

Company: Jordan River Rafting
Address: Attn: Tzach Srur Israel
Comments: Not really a bungee club but the biggest Whitewater rafting business in Israel, they also have off-road buggie cars. They are looking to start up bride swinging (a.k.a. swing bungy, Aqua-swing) so if you have any information please
Date: Info from Philip Fischeles
Comments: No longer around - Jan 98 (Domenech)

Company: Jeff Lorbs Bungee Club
Address: 20939 23rd Ave, Flushing, NY 11360-1844
Type: Building (60 Feet)
Cost: $25 per jump, 5th jump free
From: Feb 98
Comments: Recently I checked out the jeff lorbs bungee club in New York.However, I = spoke to the super of this building, and there is no club. - Apr 98 (darecki.@usa.net)

Company: MegaBungee
Address: Queen Mary in Long Beach, California,
Type: Tower (220 ft)
Cost: $85 First $65 for more
Comments: Summer schedule-operating hours, Wed-Sun, 10 AM to 8 PM.
Video of your jump is available for $19.95.
The highest free-standing bungee tower in North America.
Sylvester Stallone and Emilio Estevez jumped here!
Date: Feb 98 - Robert Tink
Comments: slin@vividnet.com says they stopped operating since it was not profitable.

Company: Air Boingo
Address: 1405 E. Washington Street, Colton, California.
Telephone: 909 824 5867
Type: Tower (80 ft)
Cost: $20 ($10 on certain days)
Comments: 80 feet, waist harness only. Still a bargain for $20, or $10 on certain days. Get the frequent jumper card; after 10 jumps, you the 11th free and a free T-shirt.
Comments: Sharon D. Brimer says All evidence of the site is gone

Company: Crazy King Ludwig's
Address: Wisconsin Dells, WI
Comments: They say they do ankle harnesses
Comments: He moved to florida
Date: Aug 97

Company: Bunge Downunder
Address: Dekel beach
Type: 145 Feet
Date: September 1998

Company: Bungee Jumping Lands in Tokyo
Address: Amazing Square, Adachi-Ward, Tokyo
Date: March 96 (from David Domenech Foix ANSE secretary)
Comments: replaced with Vuelo Maki Ltd

Company: Raging Waters amusement park
Address: San Dimas, California
Type: Tower (130ft)
Cost: $30 per jump (park entry $19.99 reductions in evening & for non-sliders) (carpark parking $5)
Comments: open Mon-Fri 10am til 9pm, Sat/Sun 9am til 10pm
Date: September 1995
Comments: Was only there for the summer of 95!

Company: Alaska Bungee Safaris
Address: Girdwood, Alaska
Type: Bridge (240 ft)
Cost: $50U.S. for 1, $80 for 3
Date: Sep 1996 from pdofak@alaska.net
Comments: Macho told me no longer in operation

Company: Air Boingo
Address: Two LocationsMyrtle Beach (Near the boardwalk) and Family Kingdom
311 8th Ave North & 506 Yaupon Circle
Telephone: 803 626 LEAP or 803 626 2863
Type: Tower (80+ ft)
Cost: $20 ($10 on certain days)
Comments: 80 feet, waist harness only. Still a bargain for $20, or $10 on certain days.
No answer from Phone Number (May 1998)
Date: February 1996 (from above address)
Comments: Macho told me no longer in operation

Company: SkyDance SkyDiving
Address: 24390 Aviation Avenue, Yolo County Airport, Davis, California 95616-9408
Type: Hot Air Balloon (350ft or 3000/4000ft with skydive cutoff USPA licence reqd.)
Cost: $40 ($60 for 3000ft and $125 4000ft)
Comments: SkyDance has access to a hot-air balloon on some summer weekends
Comments: Macho told me no longer in operation

Company: Altura Maxima
Address: Guadalajara, Mexico
Type: Tower (45 Metres)
Cost: $10
Comments: Our tower is 45 Mts.high with an arm of 10 Mts.long.This tower is Mobil and it has an elevator inside the structure made for a capacity of 500 kg. or 4 persons. With this tower we are moving from place to place offering to the public a first class Bungee Jump site. The R&D of this tower took us more than 2 years. But we finally got a Mobil, functional, secure and beautiful tower.
From: May 97
Comments: Macho told me no longer in operation

Company: Proyectos Extremos
Address: Guadalajara Jalisco, Av. Terranova #462-303 Providencia.
Type: Crane
Cost: USD $10.00 for jump
Comments: Proyectos Extremos instruye y practica no solamente saltos bungee de puente y grua, tambien ofrecemos a la gente con sed de adrenalina saltos de paracaidas, buceo, alpinismo en roca y en alta montaña
Date: Jun 1996
Comments: Macho told me no longer in operation

Company: Wild Gravity Bungy Co. (Mexico)
Address: Cancun,Mexico (Fat Tuesday Beach Club)
Type: Tower (65 Feet)
Cost: 30 US Dollars
Comments: 10 years operating, no accidents. featured on MTV,spring break undercover 1998,inside edition 1995 featuring Anna Nicole Smith, the Howard Stern Show, TVCUN(mexico),Canal 5 Seville,Spain, Channel 13 Nassau Bahamas,Eden Quest The Playboy Channel.
Also jump at Seville,Spain.World Expo 1992, Marbella,Banana Beach(Summer 92) Nassau,Bahamas (Club Waterloo) Edmonton,Canada(West Edmonton Mall)
From: Above address - Jul 98
Comments: Macho told me no longer in operation

Company: vertigo bungee
Address: colombia South America
Type: Tower (60 Metres)
Cost: 15.000 un salto, 10.000 adicional
Comments: en epoca de estudio se abre sabado y domingo en las vacaciones se abre desde el miercoles hasta el domingo
From: Above Address - Nov 97
Comments: Macho told me no longer in operation

Company: Event Force A/S (formerly Euro Bungee & Bungee Jump International)
Address: Hornemannsgade 36B - DK-2100 CPH �
Tel: (45) 39 29 88 77 (or maybe 39 27 27 77)
Fax: (45) 39 27 27 70
Type: mobile Crane
Comments: This is where I did my first jump and it was good although I didn't like the cage very much. They let me jump into the harbour.I wrote a page about the whole experience.
Date: November 1997
Comments: Macho told me no longer in operation

Company: elämystaikurit Oy
Address: Riihimäki, Southern Finland
Type: Crane
Cost: 200 FIM ( ~42 US$)
Comments: we also do jumps off the parasail and hot air balloon. if you are interested in somee really cool photos please let me know.
Date: Jan 1997 from juha.aalto@westbound.fi
Comments: Macho told me no longer in operation

Company: Bungy Works
Address: San Telmo, 67 28016 Madrid
Type: Crane or Bridge
Comments: Jumps From Crane, Bridge Or Special Jumps On Request
From:5072tjoa@mail.senanet.es Feb 97
Comments: Macho told me no longer in operation

Company: Arctic Cirlce Bungee Group
Address: Linkoping, Piteř, Malmoe
Type: Mobile
Cost: ca 400 SKR
Comments: Normally over water from cranes
Date: June 96 (from Mattias Bladh e95matbl@und.ida.liu.se)
Comments: Macho told me no longer in operation

Company: Bungee Jumping Turkey
Address: Turkey
Type: Crane (55 Meters)
Cost: 50 $
Comments: We are a company for education and organisation of all extreme sports like Whitewater Rafting, Mountaineering, Caving, Rock climbing, Canyoning etc.
From: Above address - Feb 98
Comments: Macho told me no longer in operation

Company: Bungee 2000
Address: 1001 The Entrance Road, Forresters Beach, NSW 2260
Type: Crane (40 meters) to pool
Cost: $75, $20 for a video, $40 for second jump
Date: May 97 (from Rafy)
Comments: Macho told me no longer in operation

Company: Bungee International
Address: Taipei, Taiwan Shanghai, China
Type: Bridge (100 to 300 ft) also 1000ft Helicopter
Cost: $70
Comments: We jump a variety of bridges from 100 to 300 feet. We also use cranes, towers and a spectacular 1000 foot helicopter jump. Our first two towers opened in Shanghai and am proud to have been the first to jump in Red China. Company began jumping in Taiwan in 1991 and our club continues to enjoy some of the freshest spots jumpable by man.
Date: Oct 1996
Comments: Macho told me no longer in operation

Company: Suan Siam
Address: Pattaya, Thailand.
Comments: Don't know too much about it other than it exists.
Date: May 1998 (skyken@loxinfo.co.th)
Comments: Macho told me no longer in operation

Company: SANVERS
Address: Hungary, Greece, Germany
Type: Crane
Cost: 100 DEM / jump
Comments: We are jumping from auto-cranes, 50-130 mrs. Awaiting everybody who wants to try this crazy of sports and wants to be in a very good company.
Date: April 96 (from above address)
Comments: No longer in operation

Company: Wild Gravity Bungy
Address: West Edmonton Mall, Edmonton, Alberta
Type: Tower
Cost: Ranges Between $60.00 and $90.00
Comments: We are located in the W.E.M. Waterpark, and are the only indoor site in the world. Our tower is 105 ft and a person can do a number of different types of jumps....harness (spiderman), tandem or the original ankle tie!!!
Date: Jan 1998 from above address
Comments: Replaced by Blue Thunder Bungee

Company: Action Park
Address: Sports Tower, Action Park, New Jersey
Type: Tower
Date: April 1996 (from alt.sport.bungee news)

Company: Big Bounce Bungee Inc.
Address: Kingston, New York
Date: 92 (from David Domenech Foix - ANSE secretary)

Company: 321 bungee adventures
Address: Spring Mountain, PA
Type: Tower (130 Feet)
Cost: varies
Comments: bungee tower for sale!
Date: Nov 97