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Here you will find lisitings for Austria
Czech Republic


Company:Jochen Schweizer
Address: "Donauturm" (Danube Tower), Vienna/Austria
Telephone:0043 01 269 62 47
Email: info@jochen-schweizer.de
Website: http://www.jochen-schweizer.de/
Type:Tower (152 Meters)
Cost:115 - 137 Euro (depending on ticket)
Comments: The highest jump from a platform of a tower worldwide! A full report of my jump and some pics can be found here (german language): http://members.chello.at/alexander.bielesch/bungee.htm
Tower's website features webcam - get the view! http://www.donauturm.at/ (english language available)

Company:U.I.P. / UNLIMITED Int. Productions
Address:AUSTRIA / trading worldwide
Telephone: 0043-664-497 47 36 / AUSTRIA=0664-497 47 36
Fax: 0043-316-40 3000
Email: bungeeconcepts@yahoo.com
Website: http://www.bungeee.com/
Type:Crane (100 Meters)
Cost:depends on jumped heights + countries
Comments: We are also manufacturing all certificated cords. we are specialized in bungee-consulting since mid-80-ies already. doing EVENTS worldwide, do set up new bungee-centers on demand, we also manufacture the EJECTION-Seat/Spaceball-sytems = reverse bungee-towers ... lots of other crazy new adventures to offer ...
wir produzieren auch eigene, zertifizierte bungee-Seilssysteme. richten bungee-Anlagen für Neukunden ein, auf Anfrage ... wir produzieren auf Bestelllung auch die Rocket-bungeeE-Anlagen ... viele andere Attraktionen im Angebot
Date: Aug 2001

Date: Jun 2001
Company: BSA Bungee Sports Adventure
Address: A - 6850 Dornbirn, Vorarlberg
Telephone: 0663 851 660 or 05572 22 20 10
Fax: 05572 22 20 14
Type: Crane (60 Meters)
Cost: ATS 850,-- ~ US$ 85,--
Comments: Jump since 1991 in Austria and western Germany from Cranes. Doing diffrent Advetures: Bungee Jumping, Rocket Bungee, Flying Dog, Devils Fall (1997), Air Diving with a mobil Crane. Use the System from FAAG, Interlaken, Swiss with a small diffrent, Chief: Anton Schäfer Wrote a Handbook for Bungee Jumping, Rocket Bungee, Air Diving, Flying Dog, Devils Fall and others for safty work for all newcomber.
Date: Mar 97

Company: NO LIMITS bungee.concepts
Address: homebased in STYRIA/Graz, Austria
Telephone: +43-664-497 47 36
Fax: +43-316-40 3000
Email: bungeeconcepts@yahoo.com
Website: http://www.geocities.com/bungeeconcepts/home.html
Type: Crane (60 Meters)
Cost: USD 55,- / ATS 800,- / DM 120,-
Comments: We are in the bungee.business since mid-80-ies already. We do manufacture our very own bungee.cordsystems which are all certificated + international well approved ... We also do manufacture the ROCKET.bungee, Ejectionseat, UNLI.Int. SPACEBALL.sytems since 1998 [on demand only]. approx. 32 tons of solid steel-construction + 32 mts. heights of twin towers, powered by electric winches, bungee.cordsystems + space for 2 passengers to get AIRBORN ...
Date: April 2001

Company: Bungy-Jauntal
Address: Jauntal Bungy Ges.m.b.H., Eis 81, A-9113 Ruden, Austria
Telephone:+43 (0) 4234 222 (Mobile +43 (0) 676 5185191)
Fax: +43 (0) 4234 8129
Email: bungy@bungy.at
Website: http://www.bungy.at/
Type: Bridge (96m)
Comments: 16 000 jumps since opening in May 1991
We also offer Hot Rocket Bungy, and House Running, all these adventures you can do at the same location, the Jauntal railway bridge.
Opening times: April to October Saturday and Sunday, July and August from Wednesday to Sunday.
Date: Nov 1999

Address: Carintia
Date: March 96 (from David Domenech Foix, ANSE secretary)


Company: Run The World Organisation (Euro Bungy)
Address: Belgium, Europe
Telephone: +3210416125
Email: eurobungy@eurobungy.de
Website: http://www.eurobungy.com/
Type: crane
Cost: $65 to $220
Comments: crane from 67 to 160m
Date: Jan 98

Company: Benji-Fun Belgium
Address: Hortweideweg 25 3520 Zonhoven
Telephone: 0032 11 818668
Email: info@benji-fun.com
Website: http://www.benji-fun.com/
Type: Crane
Cost: 2000Bfr/jump
Comments: more than 40 special attractions
From: above address - Nov 98


Company: ExtremeSport Club
Address: Sofia, Bulgaria
Telephone: +359288623883
Email: extrem@biscom.net
Website: http://www.extremesportclub.com/
Type: 80M Hot air Balloon and 120m bridge
Cost: Balloon $25 USD - Bridge $20 USD
Comments: Bungee Jumping and Catapult
From: Apr 99

Company: Club Adrenalin
Address: Varna, Bulgaria
Telephone: +359 52 606 605 +359 896 856 343
Website: http://www.adrenalin.bg
Type: Bridge (52 Meters)
Cost: 60 BGN/35 USD/30 EURO
Comments:Jumps from: Hot Air Balloons 100-300m, Bridges 75/90/120m, Cranes 50-80m, Cave arch indoor bungee 30m. Also Rocked bungee, Catapult bungee, Trampoline bungee. Training to become Bungee instructors. Covering whole Bulgaria.
See photo gallery
Updated: Feb 2015 via Facebook message


Company:Bungee Club
Address:Croatia Europe
Telephone:00 385 91 537 5356
Email: marisextreme@net.hr
Type:Bridge (52 Meters)
Date: Mar 2001

Company:Bungee Club KRIK
Address:Sibenik, Croatia
Telephone:+385 91 5195 700
Email: khlede@yahoo.com
Website: http://www.bungee.com.hr/
Type:Bridge (40 Meters)
Comments: At the moment the only bungee site from the bridge in Croatia
Date: Sep 2001


Company: Bungee Downunder
Address: Nissi Beach, Ayia Napa, Cyprus
Website: http://www.bungeedownunder.com/
Type: Crane (200 ft)
Cost: 35 CYP 1st jump (includes T shirt. Group reductions)
Comments: From: Andy Stuart
2001 was their 10th anniversary in Cyprus, with now over 1,000,000 jumps worldwide. Crew are all from Downunder and well trained. Loads of fun, great BBQ's, chill music and Night Jumps during the summer. One of the best sites I've been to with professionals making it fun.

From: olecs@sn.no
Jumping over the Mediterranean Sea, and you do get wet :) Cool crew, seem to be Australian from their accent If doing several jumps vast discounts was no problem, try doing some bartering
Date:Nov 2001

Czech Republic

Company: K.I.Bungee Jump
Address: Nechánice 263, 251 68 p.Stirín, Czech Republic
Telephone: +420 602 250125
Email: kmalimanek@bungee.cz
Website: http://www.bungee.cz/
Type: Bridge (38-42 Meters)
Cost: 600 czech crowns
Comments: Bungee Jumping, Running from the bridge, Climbing the bridge ...and more (I don't know correct english names - sorry)
From: Above address - May 2000

Company: Jiri Stolin, Xtreme Sports
Address: Soukenická 740/17, Liberec 6, Czech Republic
Telephone: + 420 607 232 070
Email: bungyjump@seznam.cz
Website: http://bungyjump.szm.sk/
Type: Bridge (55 Meters), TV Tower (72 Meters)
Cost: CZK 700
Comments: We work Bungy jumping (Bungee jumping) from the highest bridge in the Czech republic near the City Karlovy Vary from the height about 180,44 ft(55 m). In this place we work Swing jumping (Pendl 4D jump, Kienes jumping, Pendullum jumping) too. Other activities are Rap jumping/House running, Bungy/Bungee running, Bungy catapult/Bungee catapult and jumps from the cranes from 30 meters....
Date: May 2001


Company: Event Force
Address: Hornemansgade 36B.1, 2100 Copenhagen
Telephone: (+45)39298877
Date: Feb 2000


Company: Benji Club
Address: Madara 29 Tallinn, 19092 Estonia
Telephone: 372 6300 335
Email: tiiu@teabeliin.ee
Comments: We don't have our own jump place. We have done the jump from crane. height was 60m and 85m. That kind of hobby is offer in Estonia the SKY BREAKERS from Finland. In our club is only 3 members. But anyway we enjoy the bungee jump very much. And we are interested about more hights then 85m. With best reguards, jumpers from Estonia.
From: Above address - Jul 98


Company: A J Hackett
Address: Viaduc ed la Souleuvre, 14350 La Ferriere-Harang, Nr Vire, Normandie, France
Email: info@ajhackett.fr
Website: http://www.ajhackett.fr/
Price: 64 Euro first jump (40 thereafter)
Comments: Open March to November
Date: Dec 2001

Company: Voltige Bungy
Address: 1 rue des Sagnes 38860 Les Deux Alpes
Telephone: 04 76 79 20 48 (Mobil: 06 07 16 45 50)
Email: voltige38@aol.com
Website: http://les2alpes.neptune.fr/.fr/
Date: Feb 2000

Company: Roc et Canyon
Address: ROC ET CANYON, BP 325, Route de Nant, 12100 Millau
Telephone: 05 65 61 17 77
Email: roccanyon@aol.com
Comments: We bungee at the Viaduc d'Alzon (between Montpellier and Millau), 50 meters, a jump costs 250 FF. We also jump from cranes all over France. We're open all year round and do all sorts of outdoor activites : mountain biking, canyoning, caving, giant abseiling, rafting etc etc for groups, companies + individuals.
Date: May 1999 from Above address

Company: Cap Liberty
Address: Viaduc de la Recoumene, Le Monastier-sur-Gazeille (Haute-Loire)
Telephone: 0033-471038888
Email: capliberty@wanadoo.fr
Type: Bridge (70 Meters)
Cost: first jump alone:400F, next jumps:260F
Comments: It's really a beautiful site, with a very enthousiastic team (just a little bit crazy..) Cap liberty also proposes canyoning, climbing, rafting, parapent, survival circuits etc...
From: Sep 2000

Company: Vertige Adventures
Address: 45 Route de Lyon, 38 000 Grenoble.
Telephone: (+33) 4 76 47 42 80
Fax: (+33) 4 76 87 72 88
Email: vertige@alpes-net.fr
Website: http://www.vertigeaventures.com/
Site: Pont de Ponsonnas Site: Pont du Sautet
Type: Bridge 103m Type: Bridge 95m
Comments: Open March - November Comments: Open May - October
Cost: 420FF 1st jump, 350FF 2nd (plus group discounts)
Comments: They organise lots of outdoorzy type activities including bungee (le benji) Mountainbiking, Canyoning, 4x4 and parascending.
It is necessary to reserve 2 weeks in advance. You can see some of the photos from their leaflet.
Extra Info from Juha Aalto:
Founded 1985. Over 250 000 jumps. The First permanent bungee center in Europe (Pont de Ponsonnas 103m)
Date: Mar 1998

Company: Latitude Challenge (L'emotion Maitrisee)
Telephone: (+33) 91 09 04 10
Fax: (+33) 91 65 32 37
Email: info@latitude-challenge.fr
Website: http://www.latitude-challenge.fr/
Site: Pont De La Mariee,
Site: Pont de l'Artuby,
Gorge du Verdon.
Type: Bridge (85 meters)
Type: Bridge (182 meters)
Cost: 420Frs (+ group reductions) Cost: 590Frs (+ group reductions)
Comments: These people operate at two sites so phone before going.
Tandem available for 970Frs
They claim this is the biggest in Europe and this is where I made my Bungee comeback. It may be 182 meters to the bottom, but they use a standard bungee so the actual free fall isn't that much. You peak way above the ground so there isn't a lot of freefall + less ground rush. Also they used the same Bungee for everyone (as far as I could tell) and so lighter people (like myself) get less of a drop and more of a shock (see medical disasters). They simply asked me my weight and beleived me, I could see no way for them to check it (I guess if you're just using one cord it doesn't matter so much). Before I jumped I noticed one of the screwgate carrabiners was not done up. Pictures coming soon to My Bungee Jumping page. Very little English is spoken. Maybe I'm just bitter that they didn't give me a discount :-).
Date: April 1996

Address: Pont Napoleon, Luz St. Sauveur, Hautes Pyrennees
Type: 85m
Cost: 400 FF
Date: April 96 (David Domenech Foix (ANSE))

Company: Elastic Jump
Address: 1, chemin de Castillon, 31140 Pechbonnieu
Telephone: +33 5 61 74 64 00
Email: elasticjump@caramail.com
Website: http://elasticjump.free.fr/
Type: Bridge (60 Meters)
Cost: 350 FF (about 53 euros)
Comments: They organize jumps from different bridges : Pont de la Bezergue (near Castres, South of France) La Reunion island (Indian Ocean)
They also organize jumps from cranes.
From: patduc@club-internet.fr on monica.tls.mms.fr - Sep 99

Address: Pont d' Alzon, Gard (near Montpellier)
Type: 60 m
Cost: 250 FF
Date: April 96 (David Domenech Foix (ANSE))

Address: Pont L'Isle Jourdain, Isle Jourdain (Not far from Limoges)
Type: 60 m
Cost: 250 FF
Date: April 96 (David Domenech Foix (ANSE))


Company: Action Makers
Address: Espoo
Telephone: (358) 0400-675977
Email: pasi.saarimaa@orion.fi
Type: Crane
Cost: 150 FIM
From: above address - Mar 97

Company: Sky Breakers
Address: Piispankylänrinne 4 02200 Espoo
Telephone: +358400449421
Fax: 09-8840326
Email: skybreakers@kolumbus.fi
Website: http://www.skybreakers.com/
Type: Crane 160m
Cost: 400mk
Comments: We are going to have 160m high crane summer - 99. We do also Rocket Bungy and jumps with a car. 160m bungy costs about 400mk (about 80$).
From: above address - Jan 99


Company: BungeEmotion
Address: Nikolaus-Groß-Str. 5 46119 Oberhausen, Germany
Telephone: 0208/688945
Fax: 0208/6215960
Email: info@bungeemotion.de
Website: http://www.bungeemotion.de/
Type: Crane (60-130m)
Cost: from 50 to 100 German Marks
Comments: Wir sind eine Funsportagentur, die neben einigen weiteren kleineren Aktionsgeräten seit sieben Jahren Bungee-Jumping anbietet.
Date: Jan 2001

Company: Jochen Schweizer Bungee Jumping
Address: Munich, Hamburg, Italy, Austria
Telephone: 0049.89.606089.0
Email: info@jochenschweizer.com
Website: http://www.jochenschweizer.com/
Type: Crane (50-130m), Bridge, Tower (130m,150m), Helicopter (500m), Hot Air Balloon, Buildings (230 Meters)
Cost: from 50 to 290 German Marks
Comments: many other cool Bungee-tools. Tickets OnlineJust take a look!
Date: Dec 2000

Comapny: Bungee Sports
Address: Berlin, Germany
Telephone: +4930 324 26 72
Email: bungee@t-online.de
Website: http://www.bungee-jumping.de/
Type: Crane (60 Meters)
Cost: 90,- DEM per single jump
Comments: We are operating a bungee station at Berlin with 60 meter crane jumps and water-touchdown. A new bungee station in Jamaika (Negril) is planned. During the summer we are offering jumps with water touchdown every weekend up from 12 pm
Date: Apr 97 from bungee@t-online.de

Company: Montic Extreme Sports Center
Address: Hamburg, City Center at Fischmarket over the river ELBE.
Telephone: +49 - 40 - 430 60 66
Fax: +49 - 40 - 430 60 67
Email: montic@compuserve.com
Website: http://www.montic.de/
Type: Crane (70 Meters)
Cost: 100 German Marks ($60 USD)
Comments: MONTIC is a manufactorer of extreme sports system and equipments. The MONTIC EXTREME SPORTS CENTER is in the heart of Hamburg over the river during May till September. The varity a activities include Bungee Jumping, Catapulting and High Jumping.
Date: Oct 97

Company: ExtremSports Ultd
Address: Birkholzweg 10a 60433 Frankfurt/Main
Telephone: 0049 69 512663
Email: krajnik@stud.uni-frankfurt.de
Type: Crane (60 Meters)
Cost: DM 100
Comments: We are not a franchise company! You can have a lot of fun with us. Blue skies !
Date: Dec 97

Company: Sports Unlimted (Germany) and AJ Hackett
Address: Helicopter Bungy Dropzone next to Nürnberg, Germany
Office:Georg-Mayer-Str. 8, 85120 Hepberg (next to Ingolstadt)
Telephone: 0049 - (0) 8456 - 12 22
Email: Sports_Unlimited@t-online.de
Website: http://www.SportsUnlimitedEvent.de/

Type: Crane (130 Meters) & Helicopter (400 Meters)
Comments: The Heli site is the only permanent Bungy Drop Zone. The Jumpheight is 400 meters. Sports Unlimited has a cooperation with AJ Hackett Bungy. The crane jumps goes from 50m up to 130meters (worlds heighest crane jump - special event) Watertouch possible. Sports Unlimited also offer Basedive and Rap Sliding. (check our website). Stunt- and Showproductions availible.
Date: Feb 1999 from above address

Company:Bungee Australia
Address: Illerstrabe 1, D-87544 Blaichach, Germany Europe
Telephone: (0 83 21) 26261 Fax (0 83 21) 26 26 3
Fax: (0 83 21) 26 26 3
Website: http://www.bungee-australia.de/
Cost: 60-140 DM
From:Website - Sep 2000

Company: JestiX Bungee Jumping
Website: http://www.bungee-tower.de/


Company:Liquid Bungee Team
Address: 1-halkida bridge 40m high the oldest and the most famous bungee site in greece
2- aradena 138m high the highest bridge in balkans by far
3- parnitha cable car 80m high
4- paros monasthri naousa 50m by crane
5- rock wave festival in athens 50m by crane
6- kriti rethimno 50m bridge.
Telephone: 003018317117
Email: liquid@bungee.gr
Website: http://www.bungee.gr/
Date:Apr 2001

Company:Zulu Bungy Jump
Address: Isthmos - Korinthos Channel Cyclades - Athens - Greece
Telephone:+301 5147051
Email: info@zulubungy.com
Website: http://www.zulubungy.com/
Type:Bridge (100 Meters)
Cost:40 - 50 EURO
Comments:Sports - Gear - Sound
Date: May 2001

Company:Xdream Bungee
Address:Punda beach Paros, Shape Club Halkidiki, Greece
Telephone:+30 1 6998990
Email: xdreamteam@yahoo.com
Type: Crane (60 Meters)
Cost: 12000
Comments: Special Bungee Jumps
Date: Dec 2000

Company: Bungee Jumping Club
Address: Apollonos 5 Melissia, Athens
Telephone: +30-93-2054000
Email: Bungee.jumping.club@mail.com
Type: Crane (40 Meters)
Cost: 35 euro.
Comments: All extreme sport activities, Bungee jumping, Parapente, Snowboarding, Sky diving, Rafting
From: Above address - Jun 2002

Company:New World Bungy, Extreme Sports Co.
Address:Hersonissos, Starbeach
Website: http://www.newworldbungy.com/
Type:Crane (65 Meters)
Cost:10000 (Greece Money)
Date: Aug 2001

Address: falirakie greece rhodes aqrious pool bar
Telephone: 01914211658
Email: k.midd@talk21.com
Type:Crane (250 Feet)
Comments: all types of jumps includeing a few new ones invented by phil Mcdonald NZ best jump master in the world!!!!!
Date: Sep 2001


Company: Action Events Bungee Xtreme team
Address: Achterweg 11 2103 SW Heemstede
Telephone: 0031 -235484949
Email: info@action-events.nl
Website: http://www.action-events.nl/
Type: Crane (60 Meters)
Cost: eur 45,- a jump
Comments: Promotion company specialized in spectacular events ,promotions and attractions. We also do SCAD Diving (free fall into a net from 50 mtrs for anybody.) It is different than bungee!
From: Above address - Jul 2000

Company: Bungy Jump Holland
Address: PO box 63417, 2502 JK Den Haag
Telephone: 00 31 703 453 662 (or 00 31 204 196 005)
Fax: 00 31 703 649 395
Email: info@bungy.nl
Website: http://www.bungy.nl/
Type: crane (80 Meters in Amsterdam and 60 Meters in Scheveningen)
Cost: 50 Euro
Date: Nov 2001


Company: Extreme Planet a.s.
Address: Mascalucia (catania) - Sicily
Telephone: +39(0)95.7274997
Email: info@extremeplanet.it
Website: http://www.extremeplanet.it/
Comments: Bungee jumping, Free Climping, Tibetan brige, Etc. since 1998. The first and only club in central and southern Italy
From: above address - Dec 2000

Company: Extreme Sport Center
Address: Altopiano di Asiago - Vicenza (Veneto - Italy)
Telephone: 0039/424/558250
Email: info@extreme.it
Website: http://www.extreme.it/
Type: Bridge (175 Meters)
Cost: USD 80
Comments: This is the highest jump in Italy. We also organize other activities: rafting, hydrospeed, kayak, paragliding, war games and a so-called Extreme Weekend.
From: above address - Sep 98

Company: Extreme Sport Center
Address: Jesolo Beach - Venice Italy, Acqualandia Park - Day Cuba Libre Disco - Night
Telephone: 0039/424/558250
Email: info@extreme.it
Website: http://www.extreme.it/
Type: Tower (60 Meters)
Cost: USD 30 with T-shirt
Comments: A very nice jump in the water. From June to August we made 6000 jumps!!!
From: above address - Sep 98

Company: Bungee Adventures s.n.c.
Address: Vicolo Parrocchia 6a 10077 S.Maurizio Can.se (Torino)
Ponte di Exilles, Torino, Italy Ciao Alessandro
Telephone: 011-927886
Email: info@bungeeadventures.it
Website: http://www.bungeeadventures.it/
Type: Bridge (83 Meters)
Cost: 50 US $
Comments: Organized to perform activity from crane up to 120 mt. in Italy and Europe. Primo Centro Fisso in Piemonte.
From: Above Address Mar 97

Address: Pont de Avise, Avise, Vall d'Aoste
Type: 60 m
Date: April 96 (David Domenech Foix (ANSE))

Company: Exploring Bungee Srl (NO LIMITS Bungee Center 1)
Address: Triora (Imperia)
Telephone: +39.2.2940.3136
Fax: +39.2.2940.6787
Email: info@bungee.it
Website: http://www.bungee.it/
Type: Bridge (120 Meters)
Cost: Lit. 120.000 1st Jump, 100.00 others
Date: Dec 1997

Company: Exploring Bungee Srl (NO LIMITS Bungee Center 2)
Address: Veglio-Pistolesa (Biella)
Telephone: +39.2.2940.3136
Fax: +39.2.2940.6787
Email: info@bungee.it
Website: http://www.bungee.it/
Type: Bridge (152 Meters)
Cost: Lit. 150.000 1st Jump, 130.00 others
Comments: actually the highest permanent Bungee Center in Europe !
Date: Dec 1997

Company: Exploring Bungee Srl (NO LIMITS HELI-Bungee Center 3)
Address: Over The Maggiore Lake
Telephone: +39.2.2940.3136
Fax: +39.2.2940.6787
Email: info@bungee.it
Website: http://www.bungee.it/
Type: Helicopter (500 meters)
Cost: Lit. 440.000 (230 Euro)

Elastic Length: 60 Meters, Free Fall Length: 80 Meters, Elastic Weight: 120 Kgs., Pilot Experience: > 7.500 Helicopter Hrs., Helicopter: Aerospatiale Sa 316, Price Includes: Jump, Video Shoot, Helibungee Original Polo Shirt, Helibungee Certificate.

We Are Planning To Organize Helibungee Dates Every 3 Month. Next One On September 27 1998

Date: July 1998

Company: Vololiberoroma, Bungee Extreme
Address: Headquarters: Corso Trieste 150, 00198 Roma.
Location: Operative center: Leonessa (Rieti) Europe
Telephone: +39 9 8411402
Type: Bridge (100 Meters)
Cost: Lit. 100.000 first jump
Comments: Vololiberoroma organise also tour of Bungee Jumping from crane-truck in Center and South Italy
From: promital@linet.it - Oct 97

Company: Bungee Jumping Le Marmore
Address: Ponte Canale - Arrone (Terni)
Telephone: 0744.388398
Email: fdaddar@tin.it
Website: http://www.comtel.it/bungee/
Type: Bridge (70 Meters)
Cost: Lit. 100.000
Comments: Special discount for Jump booked at http://www.comtel.it/bungee/prenota.html
Comments: Fatal Accident May 2002 (2 dead)
From: Above address - Jun 99


Company: Sky Breakers
Type: crane 50 meters
Cost: 20 USD
Comments: See Sky Breakers main listing under Finland


Company: Midnight Sun Bungee Club
Address: Tromsø, Norway
Telephone: +47 7768 1666 (was: +47 77 61 81 88)
Email: postmaster@bungee.no
Website: http://www.bungee.no/
Type: Bridge (27-65m)
Cost: 2oo,-NKr/1 jump, 5oo,-NKr/3 jumps
Comments: Jumping off Bridges in Midnight Sun adds an unike perspective
Date: May 1998 (from above address)

Company: Bergen Bungee Club
Address: Bergen, (Norway's 2nd largest town)
Telephone: (+47) 55 31 22 22 (mobile 90 18 49 10)
Fax: (+47) 55 31 92 62
Type: catapult (35 Meters)
Cost: 200 NOK for catapult jump 300 NOK for bungee jump
Comments: We doing mostly catapulting all over the country, but are every weekend located in Oslo. In Oslo you find us at "Stortorget" just beside of Carl Johan who is the main street in Oslo.
Contact Kjetil Rune Bjoernberg for further information. We also doing jumping in Sweden and Denmark at summertime.
From: braaten@bergen.dowell.slb.com - Apr 98


Company:Take off bungee club
Address: Warsawa, Poland
Email: katapulting@hotmail.com
Type: Crane (50 Meters)
Comments: We do jumps all over poland Europe. The first club in poland that do katapulting as well as bungee, norwegian crew.
From: Above Address - Aug 2000


Company: Impacto Bungee Jumping
Address: R,Alfredo Soares 2-5º 1400 Lisboa
Telephone: 351 1 3013403
Website: Available in August 1998
Type: Crane (60 Meters)
Comments: Also Jumps from bridges and very soon from helicopters. Also performs comercial catapulting jumps. Company operating in Portugal and Madeira Islands since 1993. 10,000 jumps done, safety features exceed Naba and Sans guidlines
From: mop70323@mail.telepac.pt - May 98


Company: K.I. Bungee Jump Slovakia
Address: Strbske Pleso, High Tatras
Telephone: 00421 92 723111
Email: Krokus@trynet.sk
Website: will be in july or august
height: Crane (63 Meters)
Cost: 750,- Sk or 40,- DM or 25,- USD
Comments: We jump from the cranes all over the Slowak republic as well. There is the price 10,- - 20,- USD. We have open all the year. Winter season: Saturday - Sunday 10.00 -16.00 Summer season: Friday - Sunday 9.00 - 18.00 For groups more then 5 people everyday.
Other activities: Paragliding (tandemflights), Climbing, Freeclimbing,Iceclimbing, Hiking, Rafting, Mountainbiking, Skjöring, Hot Rocket bungee, Tandem bungee, Houserunning, etc.
From: Krokus@trynet.sk - Jun 98

Address: High Trata National Park (Slovakia)
Date: March 96 (from David Domenech Foix ANSE secretary)


Company: Top Extreme
Address: Solkan - SLOVENIA
Telephone: 00386 03300090
Email: top.extreme@arctur.si
Website: http://www.arctur.si/top_extreme/
Type: Bridge (55 Meters)
Cost: 7500 SIT (Tolars)
Comments: The only centre in Slovenia, over river Soca. Near the boarder with Italy. Open since 1994.
From:above address - Feb 97


Address:SPAIN all country Europe
Telephone:0034 609 072 852
Email: osc@bungeefactory.com
Website: http://www.bungeefactory.com
Type:Crane (80 Meters)
Cost:21.04 to 42.07 (Euros)
Comments: 10 years jumping and doing commercial jumping. We jump from bridges, cranes, balloons, and others. we do as well catapult, skycoaster, jump master trainnig courses, aerealsafety trainning ,bungee material, stunt TV and cinema, sponsoring, promotions , advertising, records, commercial from fun atraccions ,
Date: Mar 2002

Company:Bungee Lloret
Address: Next to Water World LLoret de Mar, Gerona
Email: seancoady@gmx.net
Website: http://www.bungeelloret.com/
Type:Tower (80 Meters)
Comments: We are open every day from 15 of may to the first of november, price of jump is 50 euro's
Date: Nov 2001

Company:Adrenalin Sport
Address:Madrid, Spain
Telephone:91 4117565
Email: adrenalin@inicia.es
Website: http://www.adrenalin-sport.es/
Type:Bridge (80 Meters)
Cost:3.500 pesetas
Comments: We are in the market since 1993. Jumping from bridges,cranes, towers, baloons, helicopters, and every suitable place.
Date: Aug 2001

Company: Actividad Aerea S.L.
Address: St/ Diputacion 274, Pral. A Barcelona 08009
Telephone: +34 93 342 48 87
Fax: +34 93 342 48 88
Email: actividad@wol.es
Type: Mobile Crane (35-60m)
Cost: 12-30 Euros
Comments: Other types of jumps under demand: balloon, bridge,... and stuntjumps. Bungee consulting, training and equipment. Others: teambuilding and company events, adventure sports competitions, advertising and anything in relation with Action Sports
Date: Jun 2002 David Domenech Foix


We are jumping all over Sweden on festivals and have close contact with Arctic Circle Bungy Group. Together with A.C.B.G we started SBF Swedish Bungy Federation and are trying to get some goverment behind us so people understand that we are serious in what we are doing when it comes to safety, material & gear. The most spectacular jump we have done is from a Hot air balloon for TV 5 here in Sweden in a program called The dream factory, we did it from around 950 meters and then the jumper cut lose and parachuted down. It was a great kick ! Later this spring we are going to jump from an helicopter for another TV show. So check out my website later and i'll keep you up to date.

Company: Action Aventyrsbolaget
Address: Jonkoping - Sweden
Telephone: 009-46-(0)36-30 82 80
Email: info@action-adventure.com
Website: http://www.action-adventure.com/
Type: Crane (55 Meters)
Cost: 400 Skr - 50 $
Comments: U can rent us for your own private Bungee site
From: Above address - Feb 99


Company: Dedalus
Address: 6110 Wolhusen LU Switzerland Europe
Telephone: +41 41 79417 0860
Email: urs.fonseka@gmx.ch
Website: http://www.dedalus.ch.vu/
Type: Bridge (40 Meters)
Cost: no commercial use
Date: Dec 2001

Address: Centovalli, Ticino
Date: March 96 (from David Domenech Foix ANSE secretary)

Address: Pont du Vanel, Aigle, Canton du Vaud
Type: 85 m
Cost: 120 Fs
Date: April 96 (David Domenech Foix (ANSE))

Company: Run The World Organisation (Euro Bungy)
Address: 190m Niouc hanging bridge in Wallis, Switzerland and the 300 m cablecar is the Leukerbad cablecar in Leukerbad, Switzerland.
Telephone: (+32) 1 041 61 25
Email: info@eurobungy.com
Website: http://www.eurobungy.com/
Type: bridge (190 m) and telecab (300 Meters)
Cost: $65 to $220
Date: Jan 98

Company: Trekking Team AG
Address: Breitistrasse 1, CH-8835 Hittnau
Telephone: (+41) 1 950 33 88
Fax: (+41) 1 950 33 89
Email: info@trekking.ch
Website: http://www.trekking.ch/
Type: Dam (220 m)
Cost: 1. jump sFr. 255. (2nd. jump sFr. 195.)
Comments: This is the jump featured in the James Bond Golden Eye movie
Date: May 98


Company:Adre-X Extreme Organization
Address:Istanbul, Turkey
Telephone:90 216 3867864
Email: bilgi@adre-x.com
Website: http://www.adre-x.com/
Type:Crane (50 Meters)
Comments: Adre-X Extreme Organizations
  • Bungee Jumping
  • Outdoor Activities
  • Climbing walls
  • Professional Outdoor Photography
  • Industrial Mountaineering and Safety

Date: May 2001

Company: Bungee Jumping Turkey
Address: Istanbul & all over Turkey
Telephone: + 90 216 414 25 90 pbx
Email: dsm@dogaspor.com
Website: http://www.dsm.com.tr/
Type: Crane (50 Meters)
Cost: 50 usd
Comments: DSM is the bigest outdoor & special events company of turkey. DSM includes 4 departement: 1/No Limits Adventure Travel Agency
2/Bungee Jumping Turkey
3/Distribution Entre Prises / France Artificial Climbing Walls And Holds
4/Dsm Extreme Organizations
From: above address - Feb 99

Company: Global Bungee
Address: Bodrum,Turkey
Telephone: 07970 943552
Email: morgan@cpsolutions.co.uk
Type: Catapult (60 Meters)
Cost: £20
Comments: Turkey's longest running bungee site.Situated 15 kilometers from Bodrum on the golden sands of cammel beach. English and Austalian jumpmasters provide the most professional service available. T-shirts and other products available from there sponsors O'Neil.
From: Above address - Jun 99

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