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I've finally got some recognition of the work I put into this site, of course there's loads of people to Thank and these awards goto them as well

Underground Online icon We got this for the gruesome and grizzly Disasters section. (October 1st 1996)
Web Trips

We got this award in the Extreme Sports category for the Worldwide club listing14th August 1997

WBCN 104.1

WBCN site of the week September 29th

Wild Wild Web

I got an award from The Wild Wild Web they say they'll have an icon soon. It was Extreme Site of the week 4th October 1997

Yahoo Cool Links

I was a Pick of the Week from the Mighty Yahoo. 13th October 1997

Cool Site of the Hour

The Bungee Resource was Cool Site of the Hour 3am 16Th Oct 1997

The Daily Bikini

Won a link from The Daily Bikini 16th October 1997

Safari - Petre Programmer

Won a link from Safari - Petre Programmer 31th October 1997. didn't understand much of this neowegian site, but thanks for the link!

Cyber Adventures

I guess the resource could be described as a travel site. well it was Cool for a week 12th Jan 1998 at Cyber Adventures

Select Surf

I was just told (Jan 26 1998) that I'm on the Select Surf site under extreme sports.

Ireland Online

Pick of the day (Mar 12th 1998) Ireland Online

Goodink's Eye Candy

winner of the 1998 eye candy award (whatever that means) Goodinks's Eye Candy WWW Site Reviews

Eye On The Web

Got an award from Eye On The Web, in their Extreme Sports Section (May 1998)

Planet Direct

I was cool clik of the week on Planet Direct, in their sports section (20th Sept 1998)