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Francis Murphy: As you can see I am submitting you a photo of me jumping at the Mississippi State Fair. The photo was taken in 1994 when I was a jumpmaster for Bungee Plunge in the US.

I now reside in the UK and found your site and thought you'd appreciate this unusual picture of me with a triple chin, which was taken for a newspaper.

Hi my name is Damian, I live in Argentina. This is a Picture of my Jump from the Bloukrans River Bridge in South Africa, , I hope that they like... my jump was done in March of the 2001.

Click image for Quicktime Movie

Last year me and my girlfrined jumped in Nepal (near the tibetan border) from a hanging bridge. The jump was 160 meters. The second highest jump in the world (at that time). Here's the link to the organisation http://www.visitnepal.com/thelastresort/500ft_bungy_jump.htm That day we went rafting in the wild river below which was much more 'frightning' . For $75 you can go to the last resort, stay a night and jump !!!

Here's the video of the jump (file corrupted). I'm the first one to go, then comes the very smooth jump of my girlfriend and after that another visitor from another angle which gives you a good impression on the height of the jump

Click for an MPEG Movie
This is Brandon jumping at the Nevis in NZ. Check out his webpage.