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a guy just about to jump a guy flying

These two are pictures of ewinkley@oz.net which he posted to alt.sport.bungee so I guess he wont mind me putting them here.

brandon@isomedia.com jumping for joy! Jonny!

This is brandon@isomedia.com jumping for joy I think it's a rather nice picture! You can click on them to get a much bigger version.

This is Jonny at the Kawaru Bridge New Zealand. He jumped all of Aj's sites out there but this is THE photo.

Jaycee's cool jump Josh's cool jump

This is jayceee@icon.co.za jumping at the famous Victoria Falls Bridge, between the border of Zambia and Zimbabwe, Southern Africa. What an expirence! The jump is 111 meters. They have a Website.

This is Josh Krancer doing a cool self photo at the AJ Hackett Vegas site.

I have more photos from Josh

Hayley's Cool jump!

This is Hayley's third jump at the AJ Hackett site in Cairns in September this year (98). She had run off the diving board on the roof of the tower - she says "it's the most amazing thing I've ever done in my life."