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The Bungee Jumping Mailing List

Note: the mailing list is currently inactive.

Why have a list?

The Bungee Mailing list was set up after my frustration with the alt.sport.bungee, which seemed to mostly full of spams and junk and very little actual news or discussion.

The mailing list, on the other hand, doesn't have those junk spams, but is still pretty quiet - you can sometimes get the people there to talk about certain issues, but it's a nice quiet list - we aim to keep it that way.

The bungee mailing list address is moc.enoZeegnuB@tahc (currently inactive). You can't send mail to the list without first subscribing.

Before you post you are kindly requested to read the guidelines below.


The Bungee Mailing List was set up with the following charter:

The Bungee mailing list (moc.enoZeegnuB@tahc) is intended as a forum for sharing information about anything to do with bungee jumping. Things which will be discussed vary in topic from jumping styles, rig setups, new clubs, special events and anything to do with Bungee jumping.


As I said earlier the Bungee mailing list was set up because I was annoyed with the traffic on alt.sport.bungee It is not my intention to sound like a dictating power freak - I don't want to stop people doing anything I just don't want to waste my time on certain crap.

The following guidelines were drawn up to try and make the Bungee mailing list as pleasant as possible.

This list is not intended as a medium for the usual junk which makes its way to alt.sport.bungee and hopefully will remain bungee only. People who display unsociable behavior on this list will be warned and if their actions continue will be removed from the list.

Posting Rules

Apart from that there are no other rules - just try to be nice to everyone, eh?

Intended Audience

First Professionals:

Second amateurs:

Examples of Annoying Posts

Here's a few examples of annoying posts

I'm writing a report for school do you have any more info?

Look, I spend a great deal of time trying to put as much info as possible on The Bungee Resource - don't you think that if I had any more info I would put it up?
The worst case is that this is asking us to write your report for you. Questions like this usually get ignored.
I just read over this and it makes the list sound pretty unfriendly - I guess the main reason is that I get so many of these all the time and it gets pretty annoying after a while.

Do you have the elastic constants for Bungee cords

NO I wish I did - if I did I'd put them on the pages - this seems to be a mystical black area that noone will tell me about.

Considering the relatively small amount of traffic on the list I shouldn't get so wound up about it, but for some reason these questions annoy me. Of course anyone is free to post what they want - we just might not have to put up with it for too long :-)


It's my plan to put an archive of the posts to the list here sometime, but not right now...