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The Original Bungee Jump

By Warren Hogg (moc.evresupmoc@534.775101)

I had the pleasure of working/playing with the the Dangerous Sports Club in the early ninetys. we used to jump between 100-180 people a day.

The DSC (Dangerous Sports Club) first kicked off this "sport" when they jumped off Clifton suspension bridge in England. on the 1st of April 1977.

They promptly were arrested for this. But at least hit the world press the next day. only in the ninties did it return to England commercialy, due to legalities (the Health and Safty Commision)

The rope used was braided elastic. Known as Pre-stretched elastic. giving a much longer free-fall, and thus a sharper reboud.

While the "craze" of bungee'ing lasted for maybe 4 years in England. The DSC was by far the most prolific, and sucessful bungee company in the UK.

Dave Aitkinhead (DSC head cheeze) is currently working on a human Siege catapult.

While wandering around the UK helping people off cranes (the tallest was 300ft) we only had one serious accident. A girl had a juicy compound fracture of the pelvis, after which only one onlooking jumper backed out, another 120 jumped!!. Just to prove that people don't actually take risks into account.