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Company:Face Adrenaline
Address: Rotair Cable Car, Cape Town, South Africa Other
Tel: +27 (0)444 977001
Email: extremes@iafrica.co.za
Website: http://www.faceadrenalin.com/
Type: cable car (92 Metres)
Cost: R350, down from R500
Comments: Operating for about a year, it's an early start as the cable car is used to take tourists up and down Table Mountain. Group dependant (6 minimum)and sometimes affected by the weather. If you are in Cape Town for a few days, go and jump this Cable Car. Stunning views and stunning jump zone. Well motivated and entertaining bungee crew make it a snip for the price. Video of you jump available. This is the only minor downside, all other Face Adrenaline vids are good, this one was unedited with those little phrases and scenes people wish hadn't been put on there. Don't fret though, take your own camcorder, badger a mate to video you, excellent photos can be gotten from the ground a little downhill of the jumpers landing area. If you have got up early to do this one, consider car hire and go and jump Gouritz and Bloukrans in the same day.
I'll e-mail you after March. A group of us from the Oxford Stunt Factory are hooking up with Face Adrenaline to do their 3 commercial jumps and a heli-bungee, ALL IN THE SAME DAY !
From:mearns@onetel.net.uk - Dec 2000

Company: Face Adrenalin Pty (Ltd) (Kiwi Extreme)
Address: Gouritz River Bridge
Tel: +27 (0)444 977001
Email: extremes@iafrica.com
Website: http://www.faceadrenalin.com/
Type: Bridge (65 Metres)
Cost: 150 Rand
Comments: Situated on the N2 about 20 minutes on the Cape Town Side of Mossel Bay on the South Western Cape Garden Route.

From: Chris Upton
We also offer the worlds ultimate bridge swing the "Bungy Swing" at this site. The cost of this jump is R100 - single and R150 - tandem The video of your jump is an additional R50. Operating hours are from 9-5 every day of the year.

From: above addresses - Jan 99

Company: Face Adrenalin Pty (Ltd) (Kiwi Extreme)
Address: Blouwkraantz Bridge, South-Africa
Tel: 27-21-7125839
Email: extremes@iafrica.com
Website: http://www.faceadrenalin.com/
Type: Bridge (216 Metres)
Cost: 500 Rand = 110 USD (includes video)
Comments: From: pinkpanther@earthling.net
Supposedly the highest bungee jump in the world - running commercially for a month now (about time) - I just jumped there but I thought I'd let you know - It's an amazing jump!!!!!!!!!!

From: Mike Travaglini
Location lies approximately 30km East of Plettenberg Bay on South Africa's south coast (on N2). Price includes an 8-10 minute video of your preparation, jump, winching, and post jump comments and a Hunters Gold cider.... you'll need it!
It IS the highest (commercial) operation in the world at 216 metres. Terminal speed before the bungee kicks in is 180 kilometres per hour (approx 110 miles per hour). The freefall component is 5 seconds and the bungee elongation component is 2 seconds. The first rebound is higher than the Victoria Falls Bridge jump in Zimbabwe (110 metres - previously the worlds highest jump) and the second rebound is higher than the Gouritz River Bridge jump (65 metres). I jumped Bloukrans in March (my first jump) and I cannot stop raving about it. Subsequently I have jumped again twice at Gouritz but nothing which I have done in my life can match the rush I got from Bloukrans!!!

From: above addresses - Jan 99

Company: African Extreme - Vic Falls Bungi
Address: At the Victoria Falls Africa between the borders of Zimbabwe and Zambia Other
Telephone: +260 (3) 324231 Fax +260 (3) 324238 Cell +263 (11) 405868
Email: paul@adventures.co.za
Website: http://AfricanAdrenalin.co.za/shearwater/sh_bun.htm
Type: Bridge (111 Metres)
Cost: US$90
Comments: Set against the magnificent backdrop of the Victoria Falls. Tandem jumps and abseiling also available. Digital Videos & Photographs, plus a range of Extreme Original clothing and accessories.
From: above address - Mar 2000


Company:Bungy Bullet
Address:Sunshine coast in Qeeunsland Australia
Telephone:61 7 54941613
Email: info@bigkart.com.au
Website: http://www.bigkart.com.au/
Type: reverse bungy get shot in the air 50 meters up in one second (50 Metres)
Cost: AUS $19.00
Comments: experience 4 G's instantly as you get shot in the air 50 meters up in one second !! Awesome ride !!
Date:Apr 2001

Company:New World Bungy
Address:Sydney Fox Studios Other
Telephone:0417 218 500
Email: wjmatthew@hotmail.com
Type:Crane (40 Metres)
Comments: Pool of water therefore you can relax on sunbed after jump if you want to get wet.
From: Above address - Nov 2000

Company: A J Hackett
Address: Cairns, Australlia.
Telephone: 0740577001 (bookings 0n 0740577188)
Email: bungy@internetnorth.com.au
Type: 44m platform (or 50m roof)
Comments: Jumps are either from standard 44m platform on the purpose built tower, or 50m "roof" jumps off running ramp, springboard or waterslide. BYO wheels for the roof jump - bicycles, rollerblades etc - if you can carry it up the tower you can ride it off the roof. "Unlimited" jumping option available - as many jumps as you can handle in one day for AUS$99.
From: Malcolm - Nov 1, 1998

Company: Barrier Reef Bungy
Address: Airlie Beach,Quennsland Australia Other
Type: Crane (170 ft Metres)
Cost: 40 Aus.$
From: btr518@bham.ac.uk - Mar 97

Company: Bungee Downunder
Address: Seaworld, Queensland's Gold Coast
Comments: Not Recommended! See Club Disasters
Date: July 19, 1996

Company: Bungy Vic
Address: Pipeworks leisure market. Mahoneys rd Campbellfield. Australia
Type: Tower (into pool)
Cost: $75
Comments: They do slingshot as well
This just in from Julie French

Just thought it was worth mentioning that Bungy Vic at pipeworks market near Melbourne is pretty hopeless. Uncharismatic staff, crap views from the platform, and the video was useless with no sound, terrible dark pictures with no reference point so that you could see where the hell I was dangling or falling from. I asked not to be dunked in the water as I was due to catch a flight within the hour and had no change of clothes - consequently I got dunked up to my knees and had to buy a shitty sweatshirt. Major big rip off!

Date: Info from Mark (Suicidal Chicken) Harding

Company: Cable Ski World
Address: 340 Pine Ridge Rd.Runaway bay, Queensland 4217
Telephone: 61 7 55376300 (Fax 61 7 55376313)
Website: http://www.ozsales.com.au/att/cableski.htm
Date: March 96 (from David Domenech Foix ANSE secretary)

Company: Macho.Vu
Address: Sydney(2000)
Comments: See entry in Korea below
Date: Jan 99


Company:Bali Bungy Co
Address:Jl.Pura Puseh, Kuta Bali
Telephone:0361 752 658
Email: b_bungy@dps.mega.net.id
Type:Tower (45 Metres)
Cost:US$49 for two jumps
Comments: Also available "skysurfer" US$39 Free T-shirts, transfers and insurance
Date: Apr 2001


Company: Teikn lofti
Address: Glerrgata 34, 600 Akureyri
Telephone: + 354 461 2800, +354 898 7733
Fax: + 354 462 7789
Email: einaro@nett.is
Type: Crane
Comments: Contact person: Einar Olafsson
We have a club in Iceland where we offer a jump from a mobile crane. We operate all over Iceland but are located in the north part in a town named Akureyri. We operate from May - September. During first weekend in August there is a "family" festival in Akureyri where we have been operating the last years. Lots of young people are having fun over the weekend doing all kinds of crazy stuff. We have been operating since 1990
Date: Mar '97 from above address


Company: Gravity Adventures
Location: North Anjuna Beach, Goa
Telephone: 6001079/6055878
Fax: 91-22-6718832
Website: http://www.goanet.com/gravity/
Email: gravity@bom3.vsnl.net.in
Type: Sports Tower
Date: December 1998


Company: New World Bungy (Water Front City)
Address: Batam
Type: Crane (130 Feet)
Cost: $39 (member) $50 (non-member)
From:cyprus@pacific.net.sg - Sep 97

Company: A J Hackett
Address: Kuta Beach, Bali
Type: 44 meters (over a pool)
Cost: 35$/US for 2 jumps + Tshirt
Comments: Opened in 1995. Spectators are welcome to travel up to the tower in a special lift to enjoy the view
Date: Feb 2001


Company: Attracteva
Address: Gesher Hahamisha, Emek Hahula
Telephone: 972-6-930470
Type: Crane (120 Feet)

Company: Air Bungee Ltd.
Address: P.O.Box 33668, Tel Aviv
Telephone: 972-3-6416181
Fax: 972-3-6431521
Website: http://Bungee.co.il/
Email: zvimar@shani.net
Type: Crane
Comments: Israel's 1st Bungee club. Air Bungee is operating since 92 in various locations and now located in Tel Aviv.
Date: September 1996


Company:Century Systems Inc
Address:Sarugakyo, Japan
Website: http://www.ask.ne.jp/~bungy/
Type:Bridge (62 Metres)
Cost:7500 yen = around 65 US dollars
Comments: Apparently the third highest in the world. Great scenery this bridge that was specially built for bungyjumping purposes. I recommend it!
Date: Aug 2001

Company:Japan Outdoor Systems
Address:Odaiba, Tokyo, Japan & Asahi-Mura, Yamagata, Japan
Telephone: 0081-3-3351-7073
Email: choddy3@hotmail.com
Website: http://www.bungy.co.jp & http://www.mediage.co.jp/index2.html
Type:Bridge (30 Metres)
Cost:FREE & /5,500
Comments: J.O.S has been running it's Asahi-Mura bungy site since 1994 and has recently been given the opportunity to open Japan's first indoor bridge bungy jump site in the summer of 2001 in the heart of Tokyo City...... as seen on CNN
Date: Aug 2001

Company: Vuelo Maki Ltd
Address: Yokohama, Branch; Mother farm(Chiba), Myoukou Sunshine land(Niigata),Japan
Telephone: 045-773-8880
E-mail: maki1197@seaple.icc.ne.jp
Website: http://www.geocities.co.jp/Athlete-Rodos/4175/
Type: Tower (21 meters)
Date: Aug 2002 (from above address)


Company: Macho.Vu
Address: Seoul, Korea
Telephone: +82 2 512 69 16
Fax: +82 2 512.96 17
Email: macho@machobat.com
Website: http://www.macho.vu/
Type: Tower (210 feet)
Cost: U$ 50-70
Comments: These sports can be summed up in two words: Buzz! and Rush!. Macho Cho calls the jump glory & healthy & drastic euphoria!. At present he has experience of total 8,000+ jumps that means over 1,600+ hours in the air, and as an expert & professional researcher in Bungee jumping, Bridge jumping, Catapulting-tandem, Flying fox, Mega Swing, Rap jumping, Sling shot and Vertical launching. And has managed more than 150,000+ people jump also that means 30,000+ hours on variety jump platforms without an accident since 10 years. This has been achieved due to the focus on the safety of patrons and employees. In his technique, each elasticated cord has a resistance value of more than 17kN. All equipmemts & gears used by Cho meet the UIAA norms and have a minimum safety coefficient of 6. He uses ankle harnesses and knots sling around jumpers ankles and additionally body safety harness. He also operates the double safety security system, means anytime uses double ropes / karabiners and so on.
From: above address - Feb 99


Company:Ultimate Bungy Nepal
Address: Himalayas of Nepal(3 hrs from Katumandu by UB free shuttle)
Telephone: ++977-1-439 501
Email: thelastresort@visitnepal.com
Website: http://www.visitnepal.com/thelastresort/
Type: Bridge (500 Feet)
Cost: U$ 80+(incl. free shuttle return)
Comments: I think the Ultimate Bungy is the most spectacular jump in the world. At 160 meters high, it is Nepal's Ultimate Rush. The bridge; Swiss designed, specially for bungy jumping with a 4x saftey factor.
From:macho@machobat.com on fromoutside - Nov 2000


Company: Macho.Vu
Address: Penang, Malaysia
Comments: See entry in Korea above

As the his 1st jumps took place in the Pont de l'Artuby, France and the Clifton Suspension Bridge, U.K. on the late of '80. Their heights were over 500 ft. (150 mts.) and he have improved the technique and safety with his own design processed gears and elasticated latex cordage. And also he have jumped a 2,970 ft. (890 mts.) long bridge at la Autopista Del Sol´┐Ż in Mexico on 1993. That heights was 810+ ft. (243 mts.) A.G.L., that the highest bridge in Latin America. Probably, that was the highest land-based bungie jump in the world. Also he have jumped from several sorts of architectures, such as buildings, bridges, cliffs, valleys, towers, cranes, gondolas and even dams, in addition helicopters and hot airballoons around the world. On the 50-year-anniversary of the Independence of the Korea, 'macho adrenalin unlimited' was there to introduce and celebrate the liberation of the Koreans with free jumps and made several especial sports films for TVs in 1995, and again, he jumped from 750 ft. high a hot-airballoon. That was a 1st highest balloon jump in Asia and Oceania. Also planned, managed, promoted and organized especial bungie and other extreme air sport demonstration shows and events around the world since 1991.
Seasonal Operation and will be opened in Very heart of Kuala Lumpur Capital City

Date: Feb 99

Dominican Republic

Company: Sky Breakers
Type: bridge 100 ft or crane 150 ft
Cost: 15 USD
Comments: See Sky Breakers main listing under Finland


Company: Mega Bungee
Address: 51 nabil el wakad ,ard el golf, heliopolis -Cairo-Egypt
Telephone: 202-4195770
Email: tsharaf@hotmail.com
Website: http://www.bungee-egypt.com/
Type: Crane
Cost: approx. $30us
Comments: Mobile :-002010-6696968 -Tarek Sharaf we operate in sinai,alexandria,cairo
we are adding to our activities in Sinai a Bungee Rocket starting october 2001
Date:Feb 2001

New Zealand

Address: Queenstown, New Zealand
Telephone: 64.3.442.4007
Email: bungy@ajhackett.co.nz
Website: http://www.ajhackett.com/
Type: gondola (143 Metres)
Cost: U$ 100+
Comments: macho@macho.vu wrote:
new heights in Asia & Pacific, even the America

bungyman@ozemail.com.au wrote:
The Civil Aviation Licence allowing Hackett's company at Queenstown to offer a 400 metre jump from a helicopter has expired. Until such time as the licence is renewed (end of 1996, I'm told), the Big Jump no longer operates.

Hmarion22@aol.com wrote:
Bungee Jumping is free in Queenstown, N.Z. if you are aged over 60.

Iain Morrison (iainm5@hotmail.com) wrote:
THIS ROCKS! 143m up, and they get you to within 10-15m of the ground = 4-5s freefall. Its done out of a cable car contraption, which you have to reach via another cable car. This is quite scary enough on its own! Good value, not sure how much individually as I did it as part of a package. But each subsequent jump = $65NZ, which is why I did it three times...D'oh!
Did you know that after doing a Hackett jump anywhere in the world, any other Hackett jump anywhere else is 20% off?

Company: A J Hackett
Address: Skippers Canyon Bridge, Queenstown
Type: Bridge (229 ft)
Cost: $154
Type: Helicopter (1000ft!)
Cost: $299
Comments: A 229 foot bridge jump over the Shotover River.
Rumours about the Heli bungee operating in Bali starting March 1995
Date: March 1995 HairballRM (hairballrm@aol.com)

Company: High Time Bungy
Address: Private Bag, Mangaweka, New Zealand
Tel.: (0800) 80 BUNGY, (0800) 80 28649
Fax: +64 6 382 5747
Email: hightimebungy@kiwiadv.co.nz
Website: http://kiwiadv.co.nz/Manawatu/HighTimeBungy.htm and
Type: Bridge (80 m)
Cost: $120

Company: Pipeline Bungy
Address: Shotover River, (downstream from Skippers Canyon) Queenstown
Website: http://nz.com/Queenstown/PipelineBungy/
Comments: More details can be found in the 1996 'Lonely Planet' guide to New Zealand.
Date: July 19, 1996

Company: A J Hackett
Address: Kawarau Suspension Bridge, Queenstown
Type: Brdige (143 ft)
Cost: $90 (free T shirt)
Comments: Opened in 1988, the first commercial bungee site in the world.
143 foot jump with water touch. Open daily 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Company: Taupo Bungy
Address: P.O. Box 919 TAUPO, N.Z. or Spa Road, Taupo
Telephone: 64 7 377 1135
Fax.: 64 7 377 1136
Website: http://www.taupobungy.co.nz/
Type: Cantilever Bungy Platform (152ft)
Cost: $90
Comments: Not Recommended! See Club Disasters
Date: Nov 97 (from Trev)

Address: Volcanic Plateau
Date: March 96 (from David Domenech Foix ANSE secretary)

Company: A J Hackett
Address: The Ledge, Queenstown
height: 30 m
Comments: Its run by AJ and although the jump is only about 30m, you jump from 400m above Queenstown, which is a pretty cool view. You can also do it at night, which I did, which makes it even more awesome.
Date: Sep 1997 (Nicholas Owens)

Company: Bungee Sensations
Email: bungy@sensations.co.nz
Website: http://www.newzealandnz.com/sensations/
Date: Oct 1998 - from above address

Company: Rotorua Bungy
Address:Agrodome Adventure Park, Western Road, Ngongotaha, Rotorua, PO Box 586
Telephone: 64 (07) 3575100 Fax 64 (07) 3575102
Email: reservations@agrodome.co.nz
Website: http://www.agrodome.co.nz
Type: Tower (43 Metres)
Cost: NZ$80(w/ T-shirt NZ$ 95, w/ T-shirt, video, 2 fotos NZ$ 130)
Comments: I'll be there for check their safety tech. and JUMP! Leap from the 43-metre tower, plummet earthward with a giant rubber band between you and the Ngongotaha Trout Stream.
Date: Apr 2002