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Costa Rica


Company: Great Canadian Bungee
Address: Ottawa, Canada
Telephone:(613) 725-9192
Email: bungee@magi.com
Website: http://www.bungee.ca/
Type: 200 ft. sheer cliff
Cost: $79 cdn, $59 grp 5 or more
Comments: By far the highest in Canada. Beautiful location. 150 ft. deep lagoon for head and full-body dips.
Date: April 1996 from above address

Company: Beach Bungee
Address: Wasaga Beach, Ontario
Type: Crane (153 ft)

Company: Bungy Zone
Address: Nianiamo, British Columbia
Telephone: 1-800-668-7771
Email: jump@bungyzone.com
Website: http://www.bungyzone.com/
Type: Bridge (140ft & 217 ft)
Cost: $95 +GST
Date: April 96 (from website)

Company: Blue Thunder Bungee
Address: West Edmonton Mall, Edmonton, Alberta
Telephone: (780)444-5313
Email: powman@compusmart.ab.ca
Website: http://www.westedmontonmall.com
Type: Tower (106ft)
Cost: $45 - $55; everyother jump $25(sameday); call for group rates
Comments: In the Worlds Largest Mall, West Edmonton Mall, located in the World Waterpark. Worlds highest,only permanent Bungee Jump over water. Full body dip jumps available; No ankle dip yet! Due to there only being 6ft of water
Date: Oct 2000 from above address

Company: Wilderness Tours Whitewater
Location: 503 Rafting Road near Foresters Falls, Ontario
Address: PO Box 89, Beachburg ON K0J 1C0
Telephone: 1-800-267-9166 613-646-2291
Email: wt@wildernesstours.com
Website: http://www.wildernesstours.com/
Type: Tower (150 Feet)
Cost: $49 pre-booked and pre-paid; $69 on-site
Comments: The tower is located over the water of the Ottawa River at our Whitewater Rafting Resort. World-class whitewater rafting and kayak school. Full service resort with camping, cabins, chalets, log homes and cottages for rent. Season from May to September. Locted only 1.5 hour drive from Ottawa.
From: above address - Aug 99

Central America


Company:Vallarta Action
Address: Km. 9.2 highway 200 Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco Mexico
Telephone:+52(322) 228-0670
Email: info@vallarta-action.com
Website: http://vallarta-action.com
Type:The Cantilever structure (120 Feet)
Cost: $520 pesos + Certificate
Comments: bungee: open every day from 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. Raptor Tour Dune Buggy Adventure: $1,800 pesos per dune buggy(2 people -$900 pesos each).
Puerto Vallarta is about 900 kilometers north of Mexico D.F. Flying from Mexico D.F. to Puerto Vallarta only takes 1 hour. Coming by bus takes about 15 hours and driving your own car takes 10 hours.

Date: Jan 2002

Company: Proyectos Extremos s.a. de c. v.
Address: guadalajara jalisco
Telephone: 011 52 3 6167575, 011 52 3 6155483 FX
Email: bungee@proyectosextremos.com
Website: http://www.proyectosextremos.com/
Type: Crane (70 Metres)
Cost: 12usd a regular, 15usd from the feet.
Comments: we also have a bridge jump off 150 m that will be open at December 1999. (we hope so !!!) we would like to see a lot off you around here soon !!!!
From: chicho48@hotmail - Jul 99

Company: Territorio Aventura
Address: Monterrey, Nuevo Le�n, M�xico
Telephone: (8)1152619 / 1152624 / 3095658
Email: info@aventura.com.mx
Website: http://www.aventura.com.mx/
Type: structure (70 Metres)
Cost: $25 usd by the waist and $30 usd by the ankles
Comments: We also own a crane bungee that we rent for diferent events.
From: Above address - Jan 2001

Company: Sunset Bungee
Address: Mazatlan, Sinaloa, Mexico
Email: bungeemexico@mailcity.com
Website: http://members.es.tripod.de/bungeemexico/bungee-2.htm
Type: Tower (50 Metres)
Cost: $25 (250 pesos)
Date:Mar 2000

Costa Rica

Company: Tropical Bungee
Address: Costa Rica. 40 minutes along the Pan American Highway west of the capital, San Jose.
Telephone: 506 233 6455 (Fax 506 255 4354)
Email: bungee@bungee.co.cr
Website: http://www.bungee.co.cr/
Type: Bridge (265 ft)
Cost: 1 jump $45, 2 jumps $70
Comments: They jump over a lush gorge on a no-traffic bridge. Jumps are done Saturdays and Sundays from 9 am to 2pm. Weekday trips are done with at least 4 persons. Transportation to the bridge costs $7 extra. They have been in bussiness since September 1991.
Bilingual jumpmasters
Date: November 1996

South America


Company:Bungee Bang Argentina
Address:Buenos Aires Argentina Other
Telephone:05411 4 555 3232
Email: tecnica@rpgroup.com.ar
Type:Crane (35 Metres)
Comments: We are developing this club, and really need all help possible, because in the third world all private iniciative it�s very very dificult.
Date: Aug 2001

Company: Yahoo !!!!
Address: Bariloche, South Argentina
Type: Crane (45 Metres)
Cost: $20-30
From: secu2@sminter.com.ar - Sep 97


Company: Equipe Adrena - Bungee Brasil
Address: Avenida Sumaré, 1500 Sumaré São Paulo - SP Brazil
Telephone: 55 11 99790305 and 55 11 3664 8743
Email: jump@adrena.com.br
Website: http://www.adrena.com.br/
Type: Crane (56 Metres)
Cost: 1st Jump - USD 42.00 - others USD 21.00
Comments: This is probably the tallest Bungee Jump of South America. There is just one tallest arround, the one in Costa Rica in wich you jump from a Bridge. We are thinking to arrange jumps from helicopters and from a bridge that's one our far (by car) from São Paulo. See if you can join us in your next trip to Brazil !!
From: tti@opus.com.br - Mar 97

Company: Radical Park
Address: Praia de camburi Vitoria E.S Brasil
Telephone: 027 337 56 18 brasil
Type: Crane
Date: Jan 1997 from billsoft.sebes.com.br


Company: Maya Bungee (Maya Expeditions)
Address: Guatemala, Central America Other
Telephone: (011-502) 363-49-65
Email: mayaexp@guate.net
Type: Bridge (100 Feet)
Cost: US$ 30 one junp, $45 two jumps
Comments: One of the bridges used is over the Rio Dulce river, a lovely tropical river with beautiful view, and the jumper may splash into the water.
From: Above address - May 99

Address: Lake Titlan, Guatemala
Date: March 96 (from David Domenech Foix - ANSE secretary)


Company: Bungee Express Colombia
Address: Santa Fe De Bogota, Colombia
Telephone: 57 1 6875114
Type: Bridge (150 Metres)
Cost: 50.000 Pesos Colombianos
Comments: Esto Incluye Transporte Desde Bogota Hasta Puente Del Chirajara Via Villao
From: f_franco@hotmail.com - Feb 98


Address: Cuzco
Type: Hot Air Balloon (100 meters)
Cost: $40 approx
Comments: A hot air balloon over the Sacsayhuaman Inca ruins. I'm told the jump is approx 100m. Jumps are only done from about 7-10.00am, before the wind picks up.
Date: Jan 99


Company:Andes Adrenaline Adventures
Address: Near Quito, capital of Ecuador between Tumbaco and Puembo. (25 mins.aprox)
Email: ecuador@bungeezone.cjb.net
Website: http://bungeezone.cjb.net
Type:Bridge (100 Metres)
Cost:55us/1 jump 80us $ for 2 jumps
Comments: since 1993
From:Above Address - Aug 2000


Company:Bungee Maracaibo
Telephone: 1-58-146130612 or 149661863
Email: emoralesc@cantv.net
Type:Tower (30 Metres)
Cost:8000 bs. about $15 us.
Comments: I love bungee jumping, i'm the first Jumpmaster from Venezuela trained by Ricco Nel of Bungee Designs LLC.
From:Above Address - Jul 2000