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Gold Coast in Queensland

Matthew Mullersent me these pictures (via ftp)

The jumps were at Bungee Downunder on the Gold Coast in Queensland Australia. I ended up doing it 4 times in the space of 2 days, with the 4th jump being backwards. The jumps are from a 150foot crane into "The Spit" on the Gold Coast. The rope is attached to your ankles, which I think is better although I have never done a jump from the waist. The jumps are around $100 Australian which includes a T-Shirt, a glass of champagne, a beer cozy and professional photos (these were my own - not the pro ones). I actually got 1 jump for free as I asked to be dunked in the water for my second jump and they mis-calculated and I missed the water by about half a foot, so they gave me another go.
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Pic 4
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