About This Site

This site was built by a bungee jumping enthusiast named Alex Knowles in 1994, i.e. the early days of the Internet. The domain eventually expired and the site disappeared until we recovered it in March 2013 using the Internet Archive. We are working as much as possible to remove dead links or replace them with working ones, although some photos and pages are gone forever due to corruption. We are also working to add new content, where possible. Bungee Zone used to be hosted for free by a company called Boldfish Inc, which has since gone under, and now it is commercially hosted. If you see an ad on the site, it's to pay for the costs of the hosting.

Original notes:

Many hours of hard work have been dedicated for your browsing enjoyment - I hope you appreciate it!

The site is kindly hosted for free by Boldfish Inc.

All content, HTML, CGI and webserver admin is done by Alex, some centnet has been donated by many people, some of whome are on my Thank You page.

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Access logs and information collected from you browsing this site will not be distributed to third parties. It is not my policy to divulge email addresses or any other kind of personal information about Bungee jumpers or people viewing the Bungee Resource.

All correspondance to me concerning this website becomes my property - and I reserve the right to publish that information here. Usually I will not do with without first asking for your consent and any editorial changes you wish to be made.

All information contained on this website is purely for entertainment only - following the advice contained herein could be hazardous to your health and possibly your police record. The website creators, hosts or anyone involved with the site, their relatives acquaintances of or even people we've never heard of accept no responsibility, liability or any other kind of legal or non legal action. We reserve the right to stop service - change stuff and even say rude words. Do not run with scissors, buyer beware, use at your own risk. Objects encountered may be hot, sharp, toxic, heavy, flimsy, and/or unsuitable for certain age groups. Visitors may experience drowsiness, dizziness, and/or nausea, especially when combined with alcohol or drugs. Always wear a helmet and safety goggles when viewing this site. Slippery when wet. If you don't like it, Kiss my Ass

Amendments, additions or discussion about content is encouraged. If you would like to contact the website maintainers, then please just click on the email link at the bottom of this or any other page.