Starting a Bungee Club

You may want to check out some of the Bungee Books.

This section is very new - I plan to expand it in the future. This is a hotch potch of suggestions from people. I have to sort it out into something readable. I will soon, I hope! The majority of contecnt on this page was provided by David Domenech, (Thanks!)

  • First write the project documentation.
  • Second present it to people interested and implicated: investors, companies, government,...
  • Get the financiation for the project.
  • Once you have all the financiation you have to make the necessary contracts:
    • A contract for the creation of the bungee company running the club/site (including name registration, account opening,...)
    • A contract including all the people involved in the project: bungee company, other companies, people involved,... (including permissions needed, facilities, insurances,...).
    • Contracts with the crew members (including necessary skills and official certifications for the activity,...) and for the rest of workers.
    • Other special contracts (if needed).
  • Once you have all the contracts you began working to get the necessary permissions:
    • A permission/s of the area owner/s (if private).
    • A permission/s of the local goverments: town halls (province).
    • A permission/s of the central government for the commercial activity (region).
    • A permission/s for the safety matters and technical constructions (engineering) for the jumpsite given by the national government (country).
    • A permission/s given by the association in charge of natural impact of the area (province).
    • Others special permissions (if needed).
  • Once you have the permissions you can begin building your jumpsite (engineering work).
  • You need a crew: jumpmaster,... having the necessary skills and official certifications for this activity.
  • You have to get insurance/s for the activity with enough coverage.
  • Once it's builded you begin with the bungee tests/proves for the jumps and other technical testing.
  • At the same time you'll have to do other things before opening:
    • Building other facilities
    • buying and installing equipment,...,
    • designing logos and trademarks,...,
    • preparing accounting and invoicing,...,
    • making all the documentation needed,...
    • and other works which have to be ready before opening.
  • The last thing is to make a media campaign presenting your club/site.
  • Give a great opening inviting everybody.

You can get the USBA (United States Bungee Association) standards code from the USBA

you'll need to buy stuff.

For Sale

Here's where I put information about getting hold of cords + equipment. This is ALL I know about. If there's any other Bungee suppliers out there then let me know. Please, Please, don't get in touch saying.. how do I set up a club, I don't know!

A.J.Hackett Bungy, Cairns

We can do all aspects of Bungy/Bungee industry, from equipment supply through stunt jumps and commercial site setup. Demo team available.

We hold more world firsts and world records for all aspects of Bungy - Bridges, Buildings, Cranes, Helicopters, Balloons, Paragliders....

Currently operating in New Zealand, Australia, France, Germany, Indonesia, Taiwan, Korea, USA, Mexico.

Steve Fettke Bungee Jumping
7736 Oak Meadow Ct.
Cupertino, CA, USA 95014

Steve Fettke Bungee Jumping offers information, consulting, trips and more. Their website offers facts about stunt jumping, cords and equipment, as well as bungee photos and streaming videos.

Company:Adrenalin Dreams Adventures
Address:P.O. Box 101347, Pittsburgh, PA. USA 14237
Telephone: 412 367 4301 (Fax 412 367 7566)
Comments: Adrenalin Dreams Adventures is an adventure sports company, located in the North Eastern USA, that handles world wide climbing expeditions, rappell training and specializes in ALL facets of Bungee Jumping. ADRENALIN DREAMS ADVENTURES can supply all types of Bungee Equipment including state of the art cord systems, custom designed and hand built to the exact specs of your particular prices that won't require a second mortgage! We also offer comprehensive, hands-on Bungee Training courses that will teach you the proper use of all equipment, how to operate a site efficiently and how to experience that ultimate rush....SAFELY! As a matter of fact, our safety procedures convinced the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation to allow us the first ever legal bridge jump in Pennsylvania! Contact Paul Adamo/Owner
Date: August 12, 1996

Any equipment you cannot find have your customers contact Casey Dale. I am also selling towers delivered and erected on your site all you need are the permits of approval from your local authorities thanks.

Company:U.I.P. / UNLIMITED Int. Productions
Address:AUSTRIA / trading worldwide
Telephone: 0043-664-497 47 36 / AUSTRIA=0664-497 47 36
Fax: 0043-316-40 3000
Type:Crane (100 Metres)
Cost:depends on jumped heights + countries
Comments: We are also manufacturing all certificated cords. we are specialized in BUNGEE-consulting since mid-80-ies already. doing EVENTS worldwide, do set up new BUNGEE-centers on demand, we also manufacture the EJECTION-Seat/Spaceball-sytems = reverse BUNGEE-towers ... lots of other crazy new adventures to offer ...
wir produzieren auch eigene, zertifizierte BUNGEE-Seilssysteme. richten BUNGEE-Anlagen für Neukunden ein, auf Anfrage ... wir produzieren auf Bestelllung auch die Rocket-BUNGEEE-Anlagen ... viele andere Attraktionen im Angebot

The Great Canadian Bungee provide equipment, training and consulting thorugh their consulting branch Bungee Consultants

The company Bungee Adventures manufactures their own cords from all rubber. You can see the specifications. Roger (mentioned above) is their webmaster so it's probably one of their cords he's selling. Note: the site used to be located at but seems to have gone out of business.

Jochen Schweizer Bungee provide equipment and training in Europe

Bungee Designs provide equipment, training and consulting. Note: used to be at, no longer functional

Over the Edge Bungee (Eric Lyman) provide equipment, training and consulting

Adrenaline x-periences factory.s.l. provide bungeecords with certificate and consultors for any bungee question. and legs traps, or any bungee equipment and trainning courses. seem to supply equipment

Vertige Adventures in France supply cords, they have info on their website

MONTIC supply bungee as well as inventing SCAD diving!

Thomas Kaminski International Bungee Consulting

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