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The Bungee Mailing List

The Bungee Mailing list was set up after my frustration with the alt.sport.bungee newsgroup (see it here at google), which seemed to mostly full of spams and junk and very little actual news or discussion.

The mailing list, on the other hand, doesn't have those junk spams, but is still pretty quiet - you can sometimes get the people there to talk about certain issues, but it's a nice quiet list - we aim to keep it that way.

The current address of the bungee mailing list is chat@BungeeZone.com although you shouldn't be able to mail to it without subscribing.

Before you post you are kindly requested to read these guidelines

The Bungee Mailing List was set up with the following charter

The Bungee mailing list (chat@BungeeZone.com) is intended as a forum for sharing information about anything to do with bungee jumping. Things which will be discussed vary in topic from jumping styles, rig setups, new clubs, special events and anything to do with Bungee jumping.

List Archive

It's my plan to put an archive of the posts to the list here sometime, but not right now...