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Here's a list of all the links I could find on the web with bungee related stuff***.


  • Bitcoin - Bitcoin is a peer-to-peer online currency that's causing a revolution in online payments and finance generally. It's open source and free to use by anyone.

Bungee Clubs

You should be able to find club index entries for all of these clubs in the Worldwide club listing.

Bungee Organisations

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Related Sites

  • Gone Awol - a great looking site with a bungee club listing and great bungee links
  • The Physics of Bungee Jumping
  • Bungee Piercing - concerned with Bungee Piercing an activity with roots in bungee jumping and the piercing cult
  • Bungee Pupee - a cool Bungee way to walk your dog
  • Blue Manna
  • Bedroom Bungee - grown-up product using a bungee cord and a harness.
  • Cutting Edge Creations Bungee Run
  • Alternative Weddings - Bungee Wedding Venues in UK.Ireland and Europe
  • Extreme Weddings
  • Unicycling Home page (has smart MPEG of unicyclist bungeeing)
  • Yahoo - Bungee
  • obun Hawaii Host The Zen Palace with a Bungee Jumping room (You'll need to get The Palace Software and point it at obunhawaii.com port:9998
  • Extreme Industries - contacts for people in the Extreme Industries.
  • Travel Mole - Has some reviews of some Bungee Websites
  • Ministry Of Air - Ministry Of Air is a Trampoline Club offering recreational and competition level Trampolining in and around the Hertfordshire county of UK.
  • Mission Adrenaline- interested in all sorts of extreme sports.

Homepages of people who do it (or want to)


  • Stick man Bungee mistakes!
  • Yo Mamma jokes (some funny bungee ones)
***If a link is not clickable, that means it went dead and has been removed.