Bungee Frequently Asked Questions

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  • Highest Jump
    • Bridge
    • Platform
    • Crane
    • Hot Air Balloon
      Highest: 15,200ft by Curtis Rivers, May 5th 2002. a 35ft Euro cord (stretched to 100ft) parachute cutaway to safety.
      Longest: 11,000ft altitude, 1800 ft bungee cord, 5700 foot cord stretch at 300 % elongation (Rigged by Ron Jones & Matt Lawrence of Bungee consultants international)
    • Helicopter

    This info from: adventurehandbook.com

    Highest bungee jump down a vertical wall, Verscaze Dam, Lugano, Switzerland, 700 ft. Greatest altitude, from hot air balloon at 12,610 ft. Longest unstretched jumpline, from a helicopter, 816 ft. Highest jump from a Bridge, 1053 ft from Royal Gorge Bridge, Colorado, USA. Oldest bungee jumper, 100 year old man.

  • How Safe
  • How Much
  • Where can I jump?
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  • Where can I get Cord?
    See the Starting a Club Section
  • I want to start a club

How Old do I have to be to Bungee Jump

This depends greatly on the club you jump in and also on the country you jump in - It's always best to call a club first and check what age limits they have. Generally though if you are over 18 years of age you can jump. If you are under 18 years of age you will probably near a parent or guardian's signature on a release form.

If you are under 18 years of age it is likely you may have special requirements equipment wise - you may need a smaller harness and also special cords to deal with a smaller weight (most clubs can deal with jumpers in the 150-250lb (approx. 75-125Kg) weight range). It's always best to call ahead to the club you plan to jump with.

Other FAQs

Other clubs have FAQ's too!